Podcast Ep.02 Joel Shakespear

EPISODE #  02 Episode 02 • Connecting Creative Ideas, People, & Projects Podcast Ep.02 Joel Shakespear Joel Shakespear is a master of creative connection—connecting ideas & people & processes & tools… Joel’s also a visionary entrepreneur, creative professional, 6/2 Generator, & avid cycler, who helps people launch small work-from-home businesses by developing websites, designing powerful… Continue reading Podcast Ep.02 Joel Shakespear

Podcast Ep.01 Kristin Swint

Episode 01 • Trusting Your Inner Guidance Kristin Swint I’m excited to welcome Raw and Spicy Truth-giver, Mystic Light Bearer, Kristin Swint to the inaugural episode of the Wild Creators Podcast. Kristin is a beacon of insight and wisdom. And her unique perspective and fearless approach to showing up in her work are inspiring countless… Continue reading Podcast Ep.01 Kristin Swint