Podcast Ep.04, Dave Myers

EPISODE 04 DAVE MYERS 5/2 Emotional Manifestor, Magical Musician, and creator of Neutrino Radio On Episode 4 of the Wild Creators Podcast, I’m excited to introduce you to my friend, Dave Myers! Dave’s a 5/2 emotional Manifestor and creator of Neutrino Radio. I loved this chat about creativity, Dave’s personal creative process, and geeking out… Continue reading Podcast Ep.04, Dave Myers

Podcast Ep.03, Anja Partlič

EPISODE  03 Anja Partlič Human Design Guide On this episode of the Wild Creators Podcast, I’m excited to introduce you to my friend, Anja Partlič. Anja is a 3/5 splenic projector. She’s also an emerging entrepreneur and an insightful guide, who’s been on a her own, lifelong adventure of creative exploration and experimentation. You can… Continue reading Podcast Ep.03, Anja Partlič

Podcast Ep.02 Joel Shakespear

EPISODE #  02 Episode 02 • Connecting Creative Ideas, People, & Projects Joel Shakespear is a master of creative connection—connecting ideas & people & processes & tools… Joel’s also a visionary entrepreneur, creative professional, 6/2 Generator, & avid cycler, who helps people launch small work-from-home businesses by developing websites, designing powerful branding, and creating innovative… Continue reading Podcast Ep.02 Joel Shakespear

Podcast Ep.01 Kristin Swint

Episode 01 • Trusting Your Inner Guidance Kristin Swint I’m excited to welcome Raw and Spicy Truth-giver, Mystic Light Bearer, Kristin Swint to the inaugural episode of the Wild Creators Podcast. Kristin is a beacon of insight and wisdom. And her unique perspective and fearless approach to showing up in her work are inspiring countless… Continue reading Podcast Ep.01 Kristin Swint